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Why Replace Panels?

A broken or dented garage door panel not only looks bad, but it can also impact the functionality and safety of your door. Even small damages can gradually lead to more significant problems if left unattended.The good news is you don't always need a full garage door replacement. Often, replacing one or two panels can restore both aesthetics and function without breaking the bank.

The Panel Replacement Process

Detecting Damage:

It's crucial first to identify any damaged panels. Look for signs such as cracks, rust spots, dents, peeling paint or warped sections - these are clear indicators that it’s time for a change.

Finding Matching Panels:

We understand how important maintaining the appearance of your house is; hence we strive hard to find matching panels based on material type (wood vs steel), color, design details etc., making sure they seamlessly blend with existing ones. Martin Garage Doors Company offers an array of options.

Martin Garage Door – Your Trusted Partner in Panel Replacements

If you're considering getting some new threads for your old buddy (aka your garage door), we can help. At Martin Garage Door Company, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through this process.At Martin Garage Door Company, we prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver a smooth service that will make your garage door look brand new. We strive to provide our customers with a sense of security in knowing their home is being well taken care of.Our team's firsthand experience with various types of garage doors makes us adept at handling any panel replacement job – whether it’s for an antique wooden door or a modern steel one. With our broad knowledge base and hands-on approach, we're able to deliver high-quality results every time.