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If you don’t know how a garage door photo eye function, then you’re not alone. Here is a quick description on what it does, and how it works.

Garage door photo eyes are an important part of any garage door system. They consist of two units, one mounted on the inside of the opening, and one mounted on the outside. The two units have an infrared beam that is broken or interrupted when something passes through the beam to allow for safe passage into or out of the garage.

The photo eye is a very basic device, and is fairly inexpensive. The cost of the unit itself is typically less than $50, but the overall installation cost may be much more depending on what it needs to be connected to. There are also some specialty photo eyes that come with features like tilt sensors and other features.

There are some maintenance issues that you will want to watch for with your garage door system photo eye. Any time you notice the beam not being interrupted when something passes through it, then you should check for obstructions in the line-of-site of the beam or in its path. This could be caused by a problem in the wiring of the system, or it could also be a broken beam. If it is broken then you will want to repair it, as there are some legal considerations for having a safe working garage door.

There are two common types of garage door photo eyes – infrared and visible beam. The infrared type uses an infrared beam that is invisible to the human eye, meaning it is only read through special sensors. This works by detecting movement and not actually seeing anything that passes through the beam at all. You can see this in action on YouTube if you search for “garage door photo eye” or similar terms. A visible beam is more of a light beam that is used to detect what is passing in front of it. This requires a beam that passes through the area, and one that needs to be broken.

There are also features like tilt sensors and other features, but they are typically add-ons and not the standard photo eye set up. If you want to make sure your garage door system will be safe to use, then you should replace the garage door photo eye every few years as well. It’s not too difficult or expensive to do this yourself, but it’s still something that needs occasional attention.

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There are many different garage doors and opener brands to choose from and it is recommended to contact a professional before making any decisions. Installation can take anywhere from one day up to a few weeks depending on the complexity of your project and whether or not you have an existing system in place.